Forensic Auditing, Accounting And Fraud Investigations

Crowe Zimbabwe has a specialised team that deals with forensic accounting, forensic auditing and fraud investigations where there is suspicion of theft, fraud, and other similar complaints. We assist our clients to recover any prejudice that arise from theft, fraud, corruption and misuse of Company assets of any form or shape.

Our team combines their audit knowledge with investigative skills and use these in providing clients with various litigation support and investigative accounting. Our findings are presented professionally in written reports and as experts and are often used in Court, in disputes resolution and in arbitration.

The Crowe Forensics team is comprised of forensic accountants who are experienced investigators who will provide you with confidential personal feedback on a regular basis during your relationship with them.

As experienced and professional investigators, we are also very knowledgeable on setting up fraud prevention and risk management systems. We also provide training on fraud awareness compliance and ethics, both for top management teams and executional levels, such as Internal Audit staff.

We assure our clients of the best available services. Our team consists of experienced forensic professionals which include psychological, digital and IT, as well as legal, with experience in providing support to clients in litigation, fraud cases and compliance issues.

We have experience in supporting companies faced with situations such as: