Human Resources

Key Services

We facilitate the development and execution of business strategy. Our strategy facilitation services ensure alignment to organizational Vision, Mission and Values. Our strategy cascading models also ensure strategy alignment at every level in the organization.

We strengthen organizations capabilities to deliver their mission by re-aligning organization structures and work processes to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. We also review work processes to ensure effective workload distribution among the various roles. Through this review and re-alignment process, we are able to determine the optimum staffing levels to drive performance in every function in the organization.

The successful execution of any business strategy is largely dependent on the competencies resident in the organization. Based on your mission and strategy, our Experts are able to determine the core competencies required at every level to drive your business. Our Experts can also assess your Level of Strength in delivering your business strategy through a Skills Audit – and identifying the requisite remedial actions.

Corporate culture is the heartbeat of any organization – it dictates how things are done. Our Experts are able to evaluate your corporate culture and assess its alignment to mission and business strategy. We will facilitate the transformation of your corporate culture so that it facilitates the efficient execution of business strategy.

We develop effective performance management systems that ensure successful strategy execution. We seek to implement systems supported by the necessary Staff capabilities as well as an enabling performance culture.

We assist organizations in navigating through various changes. Through designing effective Change Management Frameworks, our Experts ensure that organizations implement sustainable change management practices. Change management training focuses on creating agile organizations that proactively drive and respond to change.

We offer customized development programmes that are aimed at equipping leadership/ management teams with the relevant capabilities to drive business. We focus on developing core leadership capabilities that enable leaders/managers to excel in their roles. Our programmes are also designed to manage the transition of managers at different levels in the organization. These programmes are customized for individual or group learning.

We offer a full range of training courses to equip Staff at various with the necessary skills to effectively carry out their roles. Our Experts can also design organization-specific or situationspecific training courses that address identified training needs.

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Talent Management
  • HR Policy Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Coaching and Mentorship Programmes
  • Staff Engagement Surveys
  • Salary Structuring
  • HR Advisory